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Equinor engage with the local communities where we operate

We do so in different ways: as an on-going process during the project lifetime, during the Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process, through feedback (grievance) mechanisms and through local employment and local procurement efforts.

Through our core business and supply chain, we create significant economic value and opportunities for society and communities through taxes, jobs, skills, education, innovation, and social impact management. We develop our people and promote diversity and inclusion across our locations. Our ability to create value depends on applying high ethical standards to create a trust-based relationship with our people, our owners, our business partners, and communities.

We see local value creationas key to succeed, within offshore wind and within our other activities. We are demonstrating this through our global wind portfolio - most recently with Hywind Tampen where more than 50% of the investment is towards local businesses.

Suppliers are fundamental to our business, and we know through experience that value is created together. Approximately 80 percent of our CAPEX goes to suppliers in our offshore wind projects.

Coexistence with other users of the ocean is also a prerequisite for developing the offshore wind industry. To find joint solutions for coexistence, we have taken initiative to conduct environmental and biodiversity studies and pilot cooperation together with fisheries and research institutions at both Hywind Scotland and Hywind Tampen. This has and will continue to mitigate potential risks and create sustainable opportunities that go beyond regulatory requirements.

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